Released From Muslims | Pro-Choice to Life Doctor | QB Nick Foles on Injury

Sean Vaughn November 15, 2019


6 girls and two adults from a Christian HS in Nigeria have been released says Christian Post. The girls and school staff members were abducted at gunpoint by Muslim herdsmen and demanded a ransmon. The children and adults are now safe, after being picked up by the local police.

A pro-choice, abortion Doctor has seen the light and has stopped performing abortions. Dr. Kathi said she realized after having a child of her own, the seriousness of an abortion. She said her eyes began to be open to its horror, and how some women use it as birth control, one used it because she wanted to kill it, and another cried through the whole procedure. She even goes on to say she saw herself as a mass murderer. Since her conversion, she’s testified before congress on the Heartbeat Protection Act, and will continue to advocate for the ones without a voice.

The quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars Nick Foles says “I’m going to Glorify Christ in the ‘Good or Bad’”. A reporter asked him if he has any doubts in his mind about playing.

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