School Forces Shared Locker Room | No Praying On the Feild | Church Pays Off Debt

Sean Vaughn December 4, 2019


A school district in Illinois doesn’t care if boys and girls share a locker room. One girl was in tears when she learned she’ll have to change clothes with boys in the same room with her. She is afraid she will be raped, joked about, or stared at by the boys. The school says this change is to promote transgender students, however there’s more backlash and fear than inclusion happening. Right now girls in the UK, are skipping gym, and school altogether because of a similar bathroom bill that’s promoted Parliament to make changes.

It’s another school whose football coach prays with his team, and the Freedom from Religion Foundation says its unconstitutional in Ohio. While the students volunteer to pray with the coach, the FFRF still objects to any prayer on school grounds lead by coaches, teachers or students.

A Florida church has paid off $1.62 million dollars of outstanding medical debt for about 1,300 Lakeland residents. Pastor Ryan of Access Church says the church used it Christmas offering to pay off the bills, which was supported by the church congregation.

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