School Removes Lord From Song | City Removes Nativity After 90 Years | Brazilian Embassy

Sean Vaughn December 18, 2019


Christian parents of students at a London school are speaking out after the staff deleted “Lord” from the song Away in a Manger and replaced it with “baby” in a Christmas program so as not to offend non-Christian families.

It’s been a tradition in a town in Delaware for nine decades. A nativity on the town circle. Not any more. A church tried to renew the local tradition of displaying a nativity scene last year and asked the city for permission. But one day after the display went up, the city called and ordered the nativity scene removed, saying the religious display could not be on public property.

A new Brazilian trade center has opened in Israel as Brazil has promised to move its Brazilian embassy to Jerusalem. Earlier in December, President Bolsonaro said moving the embassy to the Holy City would also be important to Brazilian Christians.

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