Sexual Misconduct Case | Princeton Professor Says | Dead Now Alive

Sean Vaughn January 27, 2020


More than 500 United Methodist Church clergy have signed a petition within the past 24 hours, calling for an investigation to be reopened, against a Pastor Donald Heckman. Donald has been accused of inappropriate sexual relations with 4 women who filed a complaint back in 2018. He resigned from his position which avoided an investigation into his case by the church. Heckman denies all the accusations.

A director at Princeton University says that key for companies, and organizations to restore public trust comes from the Bible. Companies often turn to legal, lobbyist, stakeholders, or regulators to better their image when all they may really need is a scripture or passage from the Bible.

A U.K. pastor says the power of prayer is what brought him back to life after being dead for 15 minutes. Christopher Wickland, pastor of Living Word Pentecostal Church in Hamshire died after playing on a trampoline. He was administered CPR, and paramedics used a defibrillator 4 times. He returned but was in an induced coma for 48 hours. His wife posted to social media for prayers and a chain was started. His doctors say his in great health with no permanent damage, and is nothing short of a miracle.

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