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Sean Vaughn December 12, 2019



First lady Melania Trump visited and joined forces with Washington D.C.’s Toys for Tots. “Whether it’s a Christmas gift to a child in London, donating school supplies to children in Africa, assembling comfort kits for troops deployed overseas, or showing kindness to a stranger, your actions can forever change the lives of someone in need” says Melania.

The Religious Freedom Index recently released a report showing that 75% Americans believe that businesses should be able to run their business with the freedoms and restrictions of their faith. It’s when the government steps in and sets discrimination standards.

St. John’s Episcopal Church in Massachusetts is helping former female inmates as they leave prison. Each person receives 3 backpacks will toiletries, food, a Bible, and handwritten note for encouragement as they transition back into the world. The church has had great success for this new outreach ministry.

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