Update on Aimee | Puppies Rescued | Divorce in Florida

Sean Vaughn December 5, 2019


The latest update on Aimee, Mac Powell’s wife. Last night he posted she wasn’t feeling very well. She still has a headache, and so she’s trying to get as much sleep as possible. Aimee will start on physical therapy soon but continue to pray for her recovery after surgery.

3 little Pyrenees puppies were found on the side of a mountain by several snowmobile rs. Apparently, a sheepdog left the ranch to go give birth, and got separated from her pups. The pups were found by a dead sheep which most likely the pups were eating to survive. They are now in the Great Pyrenees rescue group based out of Montana. Volunteers are still searching for the pup’s mother.

In the town of Jacksonville, Florida the divorce rate has fallen below 24%. The reason, local Christians are helping the married couples. In todays day in age saying “I’ve just fallen out of love with them, I just don’t know if I can do this anymore, or I didn’t sign up for this” is many people just an excuse for divorce, but the Christians want to eliminate that saying. For better or for worse, its more than just words, it’s a vow you made with each other.

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