Update On Pastor | Kirk Franklin on GMA | 1,000 Saved At Kanye West Service

Sean Vaughn November 5, 2019


Yesterday I reported on a Tennessee Pastor who was arrested in India for trying to share the gospel. Yesterday I told you he had over 60 thousand signatures on a petition for his release. That number has increased to over 88,000 in one day. Please pray for Pastor Bryan, as the Indian government is holding him hostage.

The Gospel Music Association is apologizing for editing a portion of Kirk Franklin’s acceptance speech where he calls for an end to police killings and racial division. Kirk says he tried to communicate with the Dove Awards, and GMA but received no responses or attention. Only after he publicly made a video and posted it to social media that he will no longer attend the awards did the GMA step forward with a statement. The GMA says they had to edit many portions of the show as it aired on TBN, and regrets that the portion edited was such an impactful moment for Kirk.

Over 1,000 accept Christ at Kanye West’s Sunday Service over in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Over 5,000 people attended the outdoor Friday service at Bethany Church, and Kanye sang a few songs from his newest project. Continue to pray for Kanye, that he keeps his faith and spark going.

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