Wrong Bible In China | Free Bibles To Kanye West Fans | Food Pantry

Sean Vaughn November 7, 2019


For the past few days I’ve been sharing about the Christian news in China. And how the government is rewriting the Bible literally, to fit the governments agenda. Now a church was fined this year for having the “wrong Bible”. The congregation at Fengyang Road Three-Self Great in the northeastern province of Liaoning is a protestant church that’s facing severe restrictions. The government found South Korean Bibles and the church was served a fine of over $1400 in US dollars. The government also burned hymnals, gospel leaflets, Bibles, and anything published by the church. Pray for the congregation as they endure persecution.

The American Bible Society is giving away free Bibles to Kanye West fans. The CEO Robert Briggs said “ This is what we love to do; share the Bible with those who are seeking spiritual answers or simply curious about its contents.” Recently “Kanye West” was the number 1 trending topic on Google for whole day, and with him pointing people to Christ, the phrase “What do Christians believe?” also raised in the ranks to number 4.

For the past 4 years, a 13 year old has been raising funds for his local food pantry. Joshua has now raised over $12,000 and plans to donate it to the pantry in his home town, Red Oak in Iowa. Way to go Josh

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