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Heavenly Father, I request that take Your seat as judge of all, and let Your Court be seated as it written in Daniel 7:9-10. 

I request that The LORD Jesus, intercede on my behalf and let His precious Blood witness in my favor in this petition.

I petition Your Throne , that all  institutions and people be notified by the Angels of God, who service Your Courts , the righteous judgement of God . 

By Your permission Heavenly Father, in Christ's Mighty Name, I come before Your Court by the precious Blood of Christ . 

Heavenly Father, it is written: 

Psalm 119:134

Deliver me from the oppression of man: so will I keep your precepts [appointed , mandate]

I request that a verdict be issued in my favor, over my life, releasing me from under the government of any man who is not in favor of Your Mandate, Your Will concerning my life including those who have assumed rulership over me by riches . Deliver me from the oppression of man : so I will keep Your Will , Mandate and assignments in Christ's Mighty Name. 

Forgive them oh God , draw them close to Your self in Christ's Mighty Name. 

Any objections of the adversary , I agree with the voice of the blood of the Lord Jesus, and I plead it in my favor In Christ's Mighty Name . 

I receive this by Faith in Christ's  Mighty Name. Thank your  Heavenly Father for Your Mercy


Received: December 14, 2021

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