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Enjoy weekends with Rick as he brings you the latest in the News, and shares with you scriptures and words of encouragement. Rick enjoys bringing you the best in what Christian Country Radio has to offer.

My Testimony

I was blessed to grow up in a Christian home. I have been in church as long as I can remember. If the doors were open, we were there. At a young age, I went down to the front with my friends, said a prayer, and signed a card to join the church. Time went by and I tried to live a life like all the Christians around me at church and home.
Later, in my adult life, there was a time when I secretly wondered if I was really saved, but I pushed those thoughts aside when I imagined what the church family would say ( I really thought he was a good Christian).
One night, Bro. Bailey Smith preached a sermon on the wheat and the tares. As wheat grows in the field, weeds grow alongside it until harvest time. These tares look just like the wheat. So you can’t tell which is good until it is cracked open to reveal what is inside. The Holy Spirit let me know that night that I was a tare (empty inside), but pride kept me in my pew. The days that followed were very stormy. Sometimes I would feel broken and ready to run to the cross. Other times I would be filled with anger and depression. There was a war going on in my life like I’d never known. My wonderful wife and children kept loving me and praying for me until November 3, 1992, when in brokenness and tears I knew that I did not want to hear God speak the 7 saddest words- “Depart from me, I never knew you.” So, like Peter, I called out to Christ to save me from my sins, and He came into my heart and made me a brand new person. God brought peace into my life, and He promised to help me with all my tomorrows. I praise God that He did not give up on me!
My friends, you may be just like I was. You may be unsure, but you plan on dealing with it later. I was part of the fire department in Pearland for about six years. During that time I was at many accident scenes where people were hurt badly, some even died. I know that those men and women never thought that they would not make it home. If you did not live to see your home today, would you be spending eternity in heaven or would you be lost with no hope? We are not promised tomorrow, so please make sure you have asked Christ into your heart. Luke12:35-38

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