I saw a post last night that was a cry from a heart to God from a young woman felt her world crumbling. She asked God to fill her with His love, and with love for Him. My heart goes out to her… and to all who feel the same way. As I read her […]

We often think of receiving peace and think of suddenly being able to lay down and rest.  But it is more a moment of receiving energy and clarity… receiving needed revitalization to complete the difficult tasks ahead with power and focus.  When Jesus shared his peace, the disciples were glad.  They were awakened.  They were […]

A college student was taking a challenging class in Logic. The course and teacher were known for really tough exams. As the final exam was looming, the professor told the class that each student would be permitted to bring in a single 8 x 11 ½ inch sheet with as much information as they could […]

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