My dad told me this story about his dad was being robbed in an alley, and the men could not hit him. For some reason, “something” was stopping them. The Lord was working right there, protecting him. When things seem to go wrong, cry out to the Lord, and he hears you.  

Charles Billingsley has a new devotion that was just released today called “Words on Worship!” “I am convinced Charles Billingsley will be leading worship in heaven. If you want a deeper understanding of worship, read this book!” Karen Kingsbury, best-selling author. This devotion is available at Barnes & Noble, Life-way, and many local Christian book […]

Parents tend to do an amazing job at telling their kids “Don’t Do That!”, but then fail to explain why, or what to do instead. If little Johnny hit his sister, because she took the remote, you do the right thing and correct him, but do you do part 2? Correction? My parents (most of […]

People will always do you wrong, but are you going to be the one to suffer? You can let it keep you up at night, be angry at your family, friends, or you can let it go. Forgive them.

I will be so bold as to ask you, who are you letting control your circumstances? Do you try to fix every problem in your life, solve everyone else’s issues, or do you let God work. Hey sometimes there are things in life that are beyond our control, or for that matter, beyond our comprehension. […]

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