I saw a post last night that was a cry from a heart to God from a young woman felt her world crumbling. She asked God to fill her with His love, and with love for Him. My heart goes out to her… and to all who feel the same way. As I read her […]

My Daddy tried to teach me that if someone is kind enough to trust you with a tool/possession that you need to borrow; make sure you return it in better shape than it was in when you got it if you can. Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking be put away from […]

A college student was taking a challenging class in Logic. The course and teacher were known for really tough exams. As the final exam was looming, the professor told the class that each student would be permitted to bring in a single 8 x 11 ½ inch sheet with as much information as they could […]

Tell me if any of these phrases sounds familiar: I know that we’re supposed to share the Gospel with people, but I don’t like to push my beliefs on others, so I don’t talk about it with too many people. I don’t know enough about the Bible to share with people. Or how about this […]

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