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Cageless Birds, along with band member Molly Skaggs (daughter of Ricky Skaggs) recently released an acoustic version of that hit song Ain’t No Grave.

It’s probably been years since you’ve thought of the group Jars Of Clay, but how about a new release? It’s been since 2013 since they’ve released a new project, and yes they are still together. Jars of Clay and the all girl group SHEL will bring you a special 6 track EP this November full […]

Well it’s about time is all I can say about this one from Vince Gill. I’ve known about this project for some time, and it’s great to see it’s out. ‘Okie’ is the 18th album release by Vince, featuring special songs related to todays topics. He even has a special song dedicated to his wife […]

The legendary Dolly Parton has teamed up with for King & Country to release a special arrangement of ‘God Only Knows’. Originally released back in 2018 off their Burn the Ships Album, Joel & Luke bring on Dolly for this special arrangement which hits home with many people. When I first heard ‘God Only Knows’ […]

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