The Do’s & Dont’s At Walmart

Written by on August 31, 2018

So just about everyone in America has been inside a Walmart. Even if you prefer not to shop there for groceries, you’ll most likely visit for household items. Well how many times have you seen someone acting crazy? I think we’ve all seen those poorly dressed people that make us giggle and at the same time shake our heads. Come on people! I can’t complain, I’ve done some stupid stuff at Walmart I won’t lie. There are do’s and don’t at Walmart, and I’ll throw in some interesting facts. Some of these are basic things that we sometimes need to be reminded of.

DO: shop all you want, as long as you need

DONT: run around the store or let kids run loose!

DO: try on shoes, and clothes before you buy

DONT: let your kids try on clothes unattended.

FACT: Some Walmart’s allow RV’s to be parked in the far back overnight. CHECK with the Walmart before parking. (no dumping)

FACT: Some Walmart’s are pet friendly. Service animals are allowed regardless


DO: eat in the store with previously purchased food

DONT: allow children to try on products such as animal heads

DO: open carry is allowed to customers only, & staff are allowed to ask for a license

DONT: leave your basket at the register to go grab another item.

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