USA wins by .01 of a Second in London

Written by on August 8, 2017

I just happen to have been flipping through the channels and came to the sports channel, to see Tori Bowie (USA) fall for the win at the finish line of the World Athletics Championships (Women’s Division) 100 Meter Sprint in London, UK. Tori didn’t take the lead in the initial start, however she recovered during the run, and at the end lunged forward enough to beat Marie-Josee Ta Lou (Jamaica) by .01 seconds.

Tori (Blue) | Marie (center)

Marie took the lead and believed she was going to win, however she did not lean at the end, and Tori stumbled but leaned far enough to win. The crowed went up in cheers when both girls crossed. Final time for Tori was 10.85 for Marie 10.86 seconds.

Photo by (Matthias Schrader/Associated Press)

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