What does this Violence mean for the Church?

Written by on June 4, 2020

Let me start by saying that if anyone says the church is immune to the acts of riots, looting and violence then they are just lying to your face (or are totally miss informed.) If you haven’t heard, a church in Washington D.C. was ran sacked, and the nursery set on fire. President Trump even visited the church once the situation was under control. The church is not immune to the violence around us, and as such basic steps should be taken.

The church buildings are just buildings and potential targets for the looters. They don’t care what buildings are destroyed so long as damage is done. There would be nothing wrong with boarding up churches in the path of rioters. If you feel you should remove the monies or important papers, that may be a good idea too. Just remember it’s a building, the real church is the body of Christ.

Speaking of the actual church, while it’s fortunate that these riots are not relating to religion, don’t call off all possibilities that religion can be brought up. All the hate groups, and liberal media need to do is find one Christian who mess’s up, say something wrong, or loose patience in their car for all of us to be labeled. Remember we are ambassadors for Christ.

With that being said, we know the buildings aren’t impervious to the acts of rioters and looters, an that the actions we take as Christians can be easily swayed by the media. So what can we do? Pray, Pray, Pray! When you say your prayers at night are you praying for peace? Are you asking for protection on the officers? Are you even asking if you should get involved? There’s alot to think say and pray about. As the Church, the world is always our opportunity to share about Christ. No matter what’s going on, we just need to be careful how we tread.

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